Another day to live life

by Bonnie Lee Pelton 60pg2 drawings – 1 cartoon(Giles & Flower) (Rhino!!) fun stuff…sonnets and poems, humor, emotion Check it out you might like it!!Barnes& (0r walk right into the store and order)   or by phone: 301-695-1707Or many, many other online bookstores around the world!! , , just to name a few!!!Have a great day!! 


Just checking in!!

Another day , another penny haha!! Oh well such is life!!looking outside, man what an awesome day!! Think I’ll photograph some quail and family!!!!  Check out   Barnes&  I acutally have a really cool book of fun humorous poem, complemented , with 2 of my drawings!! “another day to live life”  by Bonnie Lee PeltonHave fun , check it  you’ll  find out more about ME &YOURSELF  as well!!  

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